Perfect Pour Craft Beer Podcast



January 28, 2016

The Perfect Pour is a craft beer culture podcast out to promote craft beer (well, now we're calling it Indie Beer) in California and beyond. We love to talk to everyone that loves craft beer or is even remotely interested in it. We're beer geeks that know we have so much still to learn and want the listener to learn with us. Really it's just an excuse to hang out and enjoy some beer and talk about it. Hope you enjoy listening.

The podcast is hosted by Nick, Matt and Mikey and is recorded in Fresno, CA.

Contact us through email or voice-mail (559-492-0542) if you want your brewery's beer on the show or just wanna give us a cheers.

Help us out by going to our Patreon page and making a donation or Shop Amazon.

Check our blog and main site. And check out our Show Glossary - if you want to get a lot of the inside references.
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