The Perfect Pour Craft Beer Podcast


Chew Your Beer, Live!: The Perfect Pour Craft Beer Show #178

December 9, 2016



The past year we have enjoyed the entertaining voicemails of one, Chew Your Beer. For his one year anniversary of being an awesome listener and voicemailer of the Perfect Pour, Chew made the trek up to Fresno to be in the Dorktown Studio, LIVE, ESE!

This is going to be fun. Wild and loud at times. But fun.

But the guests don't stop there, oh no. Also live is Greg from SD Beer Talk podcast! Oh and also Bells from Dorktown Podcast. AND THENNNN, Scotty B. And theeennn, Zack's Brewing, And THEENNNN, Dave Renteria and MORE!!

Let's sit back and hear about Chew's adventures drinking craft beer in Fresno and being live on the show as we drink all the amazing beers (including Whales and "lookin' out fors" you see pictured on the blog post.

Many thanks to the generosity of everyone on this week's show. You all gave up a lot of beer for the show - including Brian from SD Beer Talk, and the dude is not even here.

Listen out for a special Chew Your Beer inspired event during the listener voicemails!!!

Click to Listen!: ChewYourBeerPerfectTakeover.mp3
62.4 || 2:16:21 || Fowl Language