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The $20 Beer Challenge and Modern Times Hits Fresno: The Perfect Pour #147


Fresno is now officially a Modern Times City and it's time to celebrate!

Plus we debut some of our $20 Challenge beers, celebrate a late Star Wars Day, get rammy, hand out Top Pours, listen to beer music and listener call-ins, report on Indie Beer and more beer drinking updates for Fresno.

Thanks for listening and being part of our little craft beer podcast community!


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Gimmie That Nut …Brown: The Perfrect Pour #146

We are surviving off listener beer and content and that's the way we like it.

This week we embark on a "$20.00 Challenge!" Each of us will take twenty bucks from the Golden God till and try to come back with the best example of what kind of craft beer haul you can get.

Also, gameplaning of the arrival of Modern Times is needed and we might have to capture a Show Whale.

There will be much fun had with the beers we were caught drinking, beers to look out for and the best segment: Voicemails.

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Dry Hop Or Die: The Perfect Pour - Indie Craft Beer Show


This week we try to figure out if there is any space left on the beer shelves for buyout beer, let alone independent craft beer. There's some mixing of Star Wars and beer. People celebrate Chocotaso Tuesday/Chocotaso Day and call in to the show.

Plus! We wade through our week and what we were caught drinking, beer we are looking out for, plenty of voicemails to listen to AND There may be a new song from Paul In Fairfax and much more craft beer talkin' goodness!

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This Mosaic Needs More Mosaic: Perfect Pour #144


It's a special week as Scotty B joins us LIVE! Plus John Toepfer, President of Fresno homebrew club The SJV Worthogs. If that's not enough guest craft beer talkers, Jake From State Farm hangs out on Futon 55.

We get into many beers, talk about homebrewing, talk beer news, get 'caught drinkin' listen to some voicemails with Red Tube on, all with new music from Paul In Fairfax! Yes, Paul may have written the greatest beer song of all time and he 'cold transferred' every note!

Oh yeahhhh, and somebody might bust out a WHALEZ, BRO!

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That Chocotaso Really Hides The Boozness Well: Perfect Pour 143


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You're going to have to indulge us this week. We go into a local rabbit hole about one of our favorite pizza and beer places moving to a new location. 

It's cool though, outside of that, we got all the classic indie craft beer drinking and talking we have every week. And listener voicemails, never forget the voicemails. PLUS!: our Been Caught Drinking segment goes metal.

Ohhhhh yeah, before I forget: WE DRINK CHOCOTASO! That's right. Chew Your Beer sent us some Chocotaso and we drink it up! And let's not forget the killer label Scotty B's beer got

Thanks for being rad and listening. And to you, a Golden God of the Perfect Pour...Cheeers!


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All Our Glassware Is Broken: Perfect Pour #142


Beer glassware tends to break easy. Such is life as an indie craft beer podcasters.

Let's see what kind of craft beer geekness gets poured this week. More beer closings happen. Nick is worthy of getting all the 'top pours'. Mikey finds out he doesn't like blondes and tells the tale of going out to the boonies for an IPA and it wasn't there and Tioga makes a beer for the Mayor.

Looking out for some Fayetteville, Arkansas brewers, plenty of beer drinking and much more beer podcasting.

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Don’t Hop Me, Bro!: Perfect Pour #141


Yep. It is time. It has fermented long enough. This week brings us the release of Scotty B's no-hop IPA called "Don't Hop Me, Bro". Can a beer be an IPA without hops? We find out.

Plus all our usual junk, great voicemails, drinking and lot's of new beers out there to look out for! Plus some brand new never tried before local beer that we turn into gold in our gullets.




Is A Quad IPA Still An IPA? Perfect Pour #140




We have friends to join us in our craft beer drinking this week: Scott from Dust Bowl Brewing and Randy from Delta Pacific.

We discuss all the cool BIG stuff Dust Bowl is about to do for craft beer in the Central Valley. Plus Randy reveals he may be bringing a major (to us at Perfect Pour) indie brewer to Fresno!

Plus we drink a lot of beer (crowlers of Fieldwork and kinda awesome) and get into all the things: beer culture, plenty of listener voicemails, triple and quadruple IPAs, and Nick was caught drinking at a new spot in Fresno.

Thanks for listening!:




Knock Your Socks Off To This Indie Craft Beer Podcast: Perfect Pour #139


SPOILERS: We drank a lot a great beer this week. We have been very lucky lately in the donated beer department. This week we drink some of the good stuff... and we also drink a Ballast Point HEYOHHHHH!

We update the week in craft beer complete with an Indie Beer Report! Also figure out what beers you may want to look out for this week. We listen to the listeners and look back at what beers we were caught drinking.

LISTEN HERE: PerfectPourShare139.mp3 
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This Is Your Bottle Share: Perfect Pour #138


Things get started with the return of the Bearded Brewer! PLUS!:

  • Chew Your Beer donates to the show.
  • An exclusive beer from Tioga Sequoia.
  • A surprising expansion from a craft brewer.
  • We missed another big beer coming to town.
  • We get into some East Coast beer.
  • Indie Beer report: How is it bad that we have concern for craft beer getting co-opted by macro beer? Some people in craft beer just plain don't get beer geeks. Our friend blogs about it.
  • Mikey has a Snapchat account now... so look out for that this summer.
  • Bottle sharing and the problem of hording beer.
  • VOICEMAILS! Plus a audio email from Cody!
  • Beers we've 'been caught drinking'.
  • Craft Beer to look out for this week.
  • Cheers to awesome people.

Thanks for having a virtual bottle share with us.

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