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Milk Shaking Your Clear IPAs - The Perfect Pour #250

May 11, 2018

This episode (like most of them) will really steam Pete Coors bright tanks; all indie beer geeking, all the time!

Are Clear IPAs the next beer marking trend? Yeah, you know, CLEAR IPAs aka regular IPAs! When will they ever get a break, ya know!?

We discuss that and things like: New/old best place for craft beer in Downtown Disney. HaaAAAAaaze. Zacks Brewing update. I can not lie when sending beer. Which brewer wants to colab with us? Pizza and BEER getting delivered to your house is coming and much much more beer geeking funtime!

Item to look out for in this episode: Will Matt show up?
Have a listen!:

Use the player at the bottom of the post or click: HaaaaAAAzePour250.mp3
51.6MB | 1:52:43 | Bad Language


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